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Islamic Army in Iraq \ Baghdad's sniper 3 (Juba 3)

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful,

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Great, great, great work IAI Media department, it is a very nice movie evrey one love it, its cooool...

here is the links and find out how much it is a good movie..

To download the film in four different quality and languages degrees, Visit us in Juba official website


نسخة عالية الجودة - High Res.

جودة متوسطة الجودة - Med Res.

جودة منخفظة الجودة - Low Res.

Tireur d´élite de Bagdad 3 -


Der Scharfschütze von Bagdad 3 -


El Francotirador de Bagdad III - Español


بغداد سنائپر 3 - اردو


Bağdat keskin nişancı 3 - Türkçe


Il Cecchino di Baghdad 3 - Italiano


巴格达狙击手 3 - 中文


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Download my second video production ...juba2

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عتبي عليك ياقناص بغداد

شاهد فلما يحمل عنوان قناص بغداد اعده واخرجه الجيش الاسلامي في العراق...انه ليس فلما اخرج في شوارع هوليود ..يصاب فيه البطل بخمسين لكمة وعشرين رفسة وبعدها بعشرة رصاصات ينهض لينفض عنه الغبار والقليل من الدماء على خده ....كان فلما رصاصاته قاتلة واصاباته مميتة وتصويباته دقيقة ....بطله قناص بغدادي.... خمسة عشر دقيقة.... قنص فيها خمسة عشر جنديا امريكيا ....لكل جندي رصاصة واحدة فقط.....بعد ان انتهت دقائق القنص تلك اصابني شعور غريب خليط بالفرح والعتاب ...فرح من مشاهدة ذلك الساعد البغدادي يطيح بالجندي بعد الاخر ...فرحي هذا لم يكن يتيما كما قلت بل ناغمه عتب على ذلك القناص البغداي .... عتب من اراد ان يعرف سببه فاليقرأ اسطري القادمة وليصبر علي بضع دقائق.....انجازات رائعة !!!!لا ادري لماذا نقتل نحن العراقيون هؤلاء الجنود الابرياء الذين جاؤا لنشر الديمقراطية في بلاد الرافدين ..لماذا نقنص هذا الجندي الامريكي المسالم الذي جاء عبر البحار لنشر السلام في عاصمة الرشيد .....ثلاث سنوات مضت ولم ير العراقييون من هؤلاء الجنود الا الخير والبناء والتقدم والامان والسيادة والاعمار والوحدة الوطنية والديمقراطية والرخاء وسيادة القانون والتطور والانتخابات النظيفة....لم نر منهم سوى سياسة واضحة جلية حكيمة متزنة تجاه العراق وشعبه ..حتى ان الرئيس الامريكي حفظه الله وفي اخر احصائية قد حصل على اعلى تأيد من شعبه منذ تسلمه السلطة ...سياسة رائعة جعلت دول العالم المتحضر تتهافت لارسال قواتها العسكرية للمشاركة في بناء العراق الجديد... الامريكان في العراق ...ما اروعهم .... يبنون البيت تلو الاخر في الفلوجة والرمادي وسامراء والقائم ...انهم يقيمون المدينة تلو الاخرى بطائراتهم المقاتلة ...ويبلطون الشارع تلو الاخر بمدرعاتهم المجنزرة.....انهم يزرعون الزهور في كل مقبرة ببنادقهم...انهم يوجهون صواريخهم الذكية الى البيوت ليحولوا ساكنيها اما ا لى جثث هامدة من نساء واطفال او الى مشردين يفترشون الارض ويلتحفون السماء ..كانوا لنا قدوة حسنة!!!من اهم انجازات هؤلاء الجنود في بلاد الرافدين انهم كانوا لنا اسوة حسنة نقتدي بها في حاضرنا ونسعى خلفها في مستقبلنا ...لقد كانوا قدوة حسنة في تعاملهم مع السجناء العراقيين ..الم تسمعوا بسجن ابي غريب لقد كان مثالا رائعا في التعامل الطيب مع السجناء ...كان مثالا رائعا الى درجة اجبر فيها الاعلام العالمي الاخرس ان ينطق ويتكلم ...الم تروا صور تلك الفتاة الامريكية وهي تقف رافعة علامة النصر امام ضحيتها لتقول لقد انتصر العراقييون....الم تروا صور ذلك الضابط الامريكي وهو يقف مبتسما امام كومة من السجناء العراقيين العراة ولسان حاله يقول لقد انقذناكم من الطاغوت...الم تروا صورة ذلك العراقي واسلاك الكهرباء قد ربطت الى اطرافه وهو يصيح يحيى العدل ... انهم حقيقة قدوة لنا في كل شيئ ..قدوة لنا حتى في احترام بيوت العبادة......الم تشاهدوا ذلك الجندي الامريكي وهو يقتل جريحا ممدا على الارض في احدى مساجد الفلوجة...والدستور !!!اما الدستور والاعداد له فكان حقيقة رائعا جدا.....دستورا على طريقة الماكدونلد ومحلات الوجبات السريعة .... الاستفتاء لم يكن مزورا بنتائجه وطريقة اجراءه والتي تشرف عليها الهيئة العليا المستقلة للانتخابات التابعة للاحزاب السياسية..... اما حساب نتائجه فقد كان اروعا فقد عرفت وزيرة الخارجية الامريكة نتيجته حتى قبل ان تغلق صناديق الاقتراع....اهل الموصل الذين ذاقوا الويلات على يد الاحتلال قالوا نعم لدستور الاحتلال .....انه تحليل منطقي ومعقول ....الم تسمعوا بان القلوب جبلت على حب من احسن اليها ...ووزير دفاعنا !!!ثلاث سنوات و الماء والكهرباء اصبح في كل بيت عراقي.....ثلاث سنوات مضت وقد غابت المليشيات التابعة للاحزاب تماما سواء من الدوائر الامنية او مرافق الدولة الاخرى ...هذه المليشيات لم تقم ابدا بالقتل على الهوية ولم تعتقل احدا تحت جنح الظلام بدون امر قانوني .....ثلاث سنوات مضت والتعذيب في السجون اصبح عملة نادرة بل تكاد ان تكون منقرضة ... ثلاث سنوات و لم نسمع بحادث واحدة فقط يتحدث عن استخدام المثقب في جسم السجين ....او الكي او الكهرباء لنزع الاعترافات منه...حتى ان الامم المتحدة وكوفي عنان بشحمه ولحمة قد اشاد باداء الاجهزة الامنية العراقية .. ثلاث سنوات ولم نشاهد على شاشات التلفاز كيف يقوم الارهابيون( وعلى وجوههم اثار التعذيب) كيف يقوموا بالاعتراف بجرائمهم التي اقترفوها بحق الشعب العراقي ....ثلاث سنوات ادت الى اذابة الفوارق الطائفية والعرقية والدينية حتى اصبح العراق شعبا واحدا متلاحما قوية .... اما حرية الاعلام فحدث ولا حرج فلم تمنع اي قناة فضائية تنتقد وتفضح هزالة الحكومة المنصبة ....ثلاث سنوات وحقوق الانسان العراقي على افضل مايرام ....حتى وصول الحال من الرقي والتقدم ان يهدد وزير الدفاع بان يهدم البيوت على رؤؤس النساء والاطفال ....اما سر عتابي !!شكرا لك عزيزي القارى ان تحملت مشقة السفر بين ازقة اسطري وحارات كلماتي لتعرف سبب عتبي على قناص بغداد....بعد كل تلك الانجازات العظيمة والتي سطرتها في موضوعي ارفع عتبي الى قناص بغداد ...عتبي عليك ان وضعت رصاصة مباركة واحدة في جسد ذلك الجندي الامريكي وترك جسد زميله خاليا من رصاصة بغدادية مباركة .....كنت اتمنى ان تطلق رصاصة ثانية وثالثة ورابعة وخامسة توازي بعددها تلك الانجازات العظيمة التي قدمها لنا هؤلاء الجنود ..عتبي عليك قناص بغداد .....وسلمت يديك وعينيك......وقبلة لك مني على جبينك...

Elusive sniper saps US morale in Baghdad

Commanders weigh their options as 'Juba' notches up more kills Rory Carroll in BaghdadFriday August 5, 2005The Guardian
They have never seen Juba. They hear him, but by then it's too late: a shot rings out and another US soldier slumps dead or wounded.
There is never a follow-up shot, never a chance for US forces to identify the origin, to make the hunter the hunted. He fires once and vanishes.
Juba is the nickname given by American forces to an insurgent sniper operating in southern Baghdad. They do not know his appearance, nationality or real name, but they know and fear his skill.
He's good," said Specialist Travis Burress, 22, a sniper with the 1-64 battalion based in Camp Rustamiyah. "Every time we dismount I'm sure everyone has got him in the back of their minds. He's a serious threat to us."
Gun attacks occasionally pepper the battalion's foot and mounted patrols, but the single crack of what is thought to be a Tobuk sniper rifle inspires particular dread.
Since February, the killing of at least two members of the battalion and the wounding of six more have been attributed to Juba. Some think it is also he that has picked off up to a dozen other soldiers.
In a war marked by sectarian bombings and civilian casualties, Juba is unusual in targeting only coalition troops, a difficult quarry protected by armoured vehicles, body armour and helmets.
He waits for soldiers to dismount, or stand up in a Humvee turret, and aims for gaps in their body armour, the lower spine, ribs or above the chest. He has killed from 200 metres away.
"It was the perfect shot," the battalion commander, Lt Col Kevin Farrell, said of one incident. "Blew out the spine.
"We have different techniques to try to lure him out, but he is very well trained and very patient. He doesn't fire a second shot."
Some in the battalion want marksmen to occupy rooftops overlooking supply routes, Juba's hunting ground, to try to put him in the cross-hairs.
"It would be a pretty shitty assignment because he's good," said Spc Burress. "I think it's a sniper's job to get a sniper, and it'd probably take all of us to get him."
American snipers operate in teams of at least two people, a shooter and a spotter, the latter requiring more experience since he must use complicated formulae to calculate factors such as wind strength and drag coefficients.
Some worry that Juba is on his way to becoming a resistance hero, acclaimed by those Iraqis who distinguish between "good" insurgents, who target only Americans, and "bad" insurgents who harm civilians.
The insurgent grapevine celebrates an incident last June when a four-strong marine scout sniper team was killed in Ramadi, all with shots to the head.
Unlike their opponents, US snipers in Baghdad seldom get to shoot. Typically they hide on rooftops and use thermal imaging and night vision equipment to monitor areas. If there is suspicious activity, they summon aircraft or ground patrols.
"We are professionals. There is a line between a maniac with a gun and a sniper," said Mike, 31, a corporal with a reconnaissance sniper platoon who did not want to his surname to be used.
He spoke during a 24-hour mission on a roof during which his team ate junk food and urinated into a bottle. During daylight they lay on the ground, immobile, to avoid being seen. "It's not a glamorous life," he said.
There was no sign of Juba, who tended to operate further east, but the team spotted mortar flashes and fed the coordinates to base.
Mike said he had shot 14 people in Somalia, three in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. "It's not like you expect it to be, an emotional high. You just think about the wind, the range, then it's over with."
Sniper fire is only of the threats for an American military that has suffered heavy losses this week.
Yesterday another soldier was killed in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, adding to the 21 who died in attacks on Monday and Wednesday.
Roadside bombs account for most of the lives lost, and the size and design of the explosions has led investigators to conclude that the insurgents are learning bombmaking methods from other terrorist organisations.
Yesterday's New York Times reported that the techniques used by Hezbollah in Lebanon were increasingly being seen in roadside bombs in Iraq.
An unnamed senior American commander quoted by the paper said bombs using shaped charges closely matched the bombs that Hezbollah used against Israel.
"Our assessment is that they are probably going off to 'school' to learn how to make bombs that can destroy armoured vehicles," he said.

my first Film in November 2005

In November 2005 the media organization for the Islamic Army in Iraq released a 15 minute propaganda video featuring a compilation of my works. You can watch it online HERE, or download and archive your very own copy HERE or HERE.

download :
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Juba" is the nickname associated with a supposed sniper involved with the Iraqi insurgency, alleged to have killed and wounded up to a hundred United States soldiers. Whether there is actually one individual known as "Juba" is not supported by any evidence.
The existence of "Juba" has not been certified by any military source, but video footage purporting to be of this character's attacks has been disseminated on the internet. These videos allege that the same individual has carried out a number of such attacks, although it is not proven whether the footage is linked in any way.
In November 2005, a video appeared on the internet [1], attributed to the Islamic Army in Iraq. It contained images of male United States soldiers falling to the ground, allegedly due to attacks by "Juba".
Also released was a video clip containing nine shootings of men appearing to be US soldiers. The video starts with a character saying, "I have nine bullets in this gun and I have a present for George Bush. I am going to kill nine people. I am doing this for the viewers to watch. God is great. God is great (Allahu Akhbar)." With that, he makes his way from the vehicle, and a series of separate scenes begin, showing several individuals shot in action.

Rumors of capture
It has been rumored that "Juba" may have been captured on June 2, 2005. An Iraqi sniper, in a van at a distance of 75-100 metres away from American soldier Stephen Tschiderer, shot at him using a rifle with a telescopic sight. Tschiderer was hit, but his injuries were minimal due to his body armor. [2] Soldiers from the B Company, 4th Battalion, 1st Iraqi Army Brigade unit began searching for the shooter and spotted two possible insurgents (allegedly the sniper and the driver who videotapes the attacks). [3] [4]
The army located the van and discovered a cushioned sniping nest. This nest was lined with numerous bed mattresses to muffle the sound of a Dragunov sniper rifle [5], which was used to fire through a hole just big enough for the shooter to engage his target of choice. The driver of the van was detained and the wounded shooter was captured after a short pursuit by Tschiderer and B Company.

Many websites and blogs from different countries talk about "Juba the Sniper", providing stories, pictures and movie clips which feature soldiers "Juba" has supposedly sniped. There is no evidence that any of these websites have any link to "Juba".

source :