Friday, October 20, 2006


Juba" is the nickname associated with a supposed sniper involved with the Iraqi insurgency, alleged to have killed and wounded up to a hundred United States soldiers. Whether there is actually one individual known as "Juba" is not supported by any evidence.
The existence of "Juba" has not been certified by any military source, but video footage purporting to be of this character's attacks has been disseminated on the internet. These videos allege that the same individual has carried out a number of such attacks, although it is not proven whether the footage is linked in any way.
In November 2005, a video appeared on the internet [1], attributed to the Islamic Army in Iraq. It contained images of male United States soldiers falling to the ground, allegedly due to attacks by "Juba".
Also released was a video clip containing nine shootings of men appearing to be US soldiers. The video starts with a character saying, "I have nine bullets in this gun and I have a present for George Bush. I am going to kill nine people. I am doing this for the viewers to watch. God is great. God is great (Allahu Akhbar)." With that, he makes his way from the vehicle, and a series of separate scenes begin, showing several individuals shot in action.

Rumors of capture
It has been rumored that "Juba" may have been captured on June 2, 2005. An Iraqi sniper, in a van at a distance of 75-100 metres away from American soldier Stephen Tschiderer, shot at him using a rifle with a telescopic sight. Tschiderer was hit, but his injuries were minimal due to his body armor. [2] Soldiers from the B Company, 4th Battalion, 1st Iraqi Army Brigade unit began searching for the shooter and spotted two possible insurgents (allegedly the sniper and the driver who videotapes the attacks). [3] [4]
The army located the van and discovered a cushioned sniping nest. This nest was lined with numerous bed mattresses to muffle the sound of a Dragunov sniper rifle [5], which was used to fire through a hole just big enough for the shooter to engage his target of choice. The driver of the van was detained and the wounded shooter was captured after a short pursuit by Tschiderer and B Company.

Many websites and blogs from different countries talk about "Juba the Sniper", providing stories, pictures and movie clips which feature soldiers "Juba" has supposedly sniped. There is no evidence that any of these websites have any link to "Juba".

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